If ever there was someone to keep me at home
it would be you

by Johannes Huwe

i know ~sexuality is fluid~ and being queer means i’m into ~all sorts~ of people but i still am having trouble accepting that i’m not only attracted to but actually dating a straight boy in a backwards baseball cap

"Stop loving people into corners."
Donna-Marie Riley, Love and Other Small Wars (via larmoyante)

aandliketheseaa ha respondido a tu publicaciónwatching someone go from casually making…

woah i luv this

ME TOO people can be so unexpectedly great sometimes

Reblog if you are a BIRD NERD or if your friend is a BIRD NERD

the warnings to be cautious because it might turn into a Bad Situation are pretty futile when you intend to personally ensure that it becomes a Bad Situation anyways


Filling the page, Manabu Ikeda

epsilina ha respondido a tu publicación:it is quite possible that i have fucked up


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it is quite possible that i have fucked up

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Margaretha Barbara Dietzsch